April 15, 2009


I saw a pair of shoes, fell hard for them but wasn't quite sure I wanted them. 
however, a month went by and I couldn't stop drooling at them whenever I saw them. they had to be mine. thank you mother.

they are the only pair of shoes I intend to get for the summer. I realized I don't need any more.
(unless paris has very very magnifique shoes to offer)

IMG_5197.jpg micro picture by grkid

my own lack of motivation is driving me insane. there is about a zillion things to do (get a job for summer, study for french exam, catch up on ignored maths exercises, go jogging, get a life) but instead I just sit at home watching muumit when I'm not in school. for the whole five-day easter vacation I just laid in bed, watched movies and ate. 
now I feel bloated and bored and ugly and even the spring sun can't wake me up from this coma-like state of mind. 
I want to flee, be free. have little spontaneous moments and sit on eteläespa drinking a café esplanad latte and hear the blackbirds sing in the forest in the evening. sit and watch people passing by, have a happy smile on my face. 

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