April 22, 2009


I recently noticed that living without a bag resembling the black suede zara one with silver chains (the one that sold out immediately) is not enjoyable.
so I went to the local hardware store to pick up some chains and oh what joy it was! screws and nails and all these little things that I never even knew I needed. 
my mom thought I was out of my mind.

anyway I got what I went in there for, I only need the black pleather now. those bastardos at eurokangas didn't have any and I don't know where to get real leather from. all Finns, please do tell me if you happen to know.

I am totally broke, sorry about the complaints but it's the worst time possible considering the paris trip is a week away. I just suck suck suck at saving money.
visited the new beamhill today and it was big and white and awesome and they had the best vibskov laptop sleeves and a gorgeous dove grey knit from won hundred, 
I need a freaking job.

IMG_5221.jpg picture by grkid
chains k-rauta

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