April 20, 2009

la sabbia brucia

the past weekend was quite an extraordinary one.
friday night was long, and saturday morning I walked home all alone, but instead of the usual quiet it was deafening. 
the blackbirds just sang and sang and I couldn't go to bed at all.
I feel like I actually remembered why I love life so much for the first time this year.
the rest of the weekend was filled with great wine and special people, reunions, newfound faith in myself, sunshine, shopping and a beautiful movie (the reader--I strongly recommend) in the most stunning movie theater in helsinki. 

I have to admit that I also got a new pair of shoes even though I swore I wouldn't. bye bye money, hello being broke in the (supposedly) best city in the world 
(can't wait....ladurée, cafés, champs-élysées, lots of black clothes and heels in the suitcase, some vintage shopping, colette.)

IMG_5215.jpg picture by grkid

I'm not liking the highly materialistic contents of this blog and I promise to the few of you (or at least myself) that there will be a change. I'll try to talk about something else than just spending.

can one make new year's resolutions almost four months after new year's? I think mine should have been:
learn to walk in high heels with pride and dignity.

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