May 28, 2009


I'm now officially employed and supposedly free from worries.
feels extremely good after the job hunt that took almost the whole spring.
this means that next month I can book my tickets to australia for christmas. ahh.

my math teacher made me cry today, oh lord. 
luckily school's practically over now so I don't have to see his bald head anytime soon.....

photo jak&jil

I love karen langley's (stylish for dazed&confused) fringed+feathered jacket along with the crazy paint-splash pattern. and the half-shaved head.
I'm surprisingly not a big fan of the graphic knit over the black dress/skirt 
but I do enjoy the big chunky knit worn by celestine cooney (also a stylist) on the right paired with the brown hair the shade of which very much resembles my own, and the little bun.
oh these people. they know how to dress.

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  1. the feather dress is gorgeous, i've had it on my desktop just to amaze it couple times a day.