August 17, 2009


IMG_5969.jpg picture by grkid

what a weekend. flow festival was even better than I thought it could be. saw a lot of friends, listened to awesome music like new young pony club, white lies, handsome furs, grace jones et cetera, threw on the first clothes I could reach in the mornings and just felt super good about everything+++got crazy listening to ladyhawke. she's something. fever ray had the weirdest, most amazing show I've seen during this short life of mine. 
lily allen definitely isn't one of my favourites but despite the fact that she cried on stage and complained about her back hurting her music left me a little sad for the rest of the night. 
school's started, I've got tons of reading to do, I'm sick and still a tad hungover from last night but I feel beyond happy. weekends like the past one are what keeps me going. 

I snapped the above image of my new vintage glasses. the old lady who sold them to me told me she wore them in the sixties. they make me look like a crazy grandma. love it.

ps grace jones was c r a z y about her clothing, I mean how on earth does she pull off all that stuff?? like a giant leaf-like hat on her head or a structured black silk jacket made of sausage-like things? or a pink hula hoop. 


  1. Nice to hear you had a great Flow!

    ++ Praise the Grace, yes yes yes!! Did you see that disco ball / mirror hat she was wearing?
    And yeah, that "sausage-dress" was amazing. Very futuristic if I can say...

  2. YES how good was it when the mirrors reflected the light everywhere around her!? and how good were the lasers@fever ray!!