August 7, 2009

colour-coordinate your cd collection

my summer will officially be over next Tuesday when it's time to go back to school again. I've been working my ass off this summer just to pay for plane tickets to australia in christmas time, but now I'm not too sure whether I want to go. I don't know if a little trip down memory lane is worth working for the whole summer--maybe I should go next summer when I could really spend a lot of time there? then again, I think I'm getting some money off my insurance next year so maybe I could do both? it's a difficult choice to be made!

I'm still feeling oh so uninspired+++looking forward to the weather becoming cold and chilly. I miss autumn. I've been working  on my wish list for the new season but it's impossible to finish due to the fact that all the fall collections are now starting to come up on the Internet... 

this piece, however, is something I truly truly feel like I need. why don't high street stores make anything similar to this pretty baby? just because I don't have 500€ to spend on a sweater dress doesn't mean I don't deserve one, eh?

large product imagelarge product image
rick owens oversized wool-blend sweater from net-a-porter

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  1. Yes please, I'll have one of those also.

    Love Grace.