August 31, 2009

come to mama

pic24-1-1.jpg picture by grkid
the list of items I would love to get for this fall is growing every day......I mean come on, look at those damn shoes. I don't know the price, don't know about the quality, I just know they'd be perfect with a cape and a chunky scarf. 
ps if you don't happen to like suede, the shoes also come in lacquer. yum. now the only thing I need is a back-and-forth trip to sweden.....

photo from here


  1. Yes yes, got to get the suede ones!

    It´s surprising that I don´t find the rest of the collection that fascinating.. only few pieces!

  2. I think suede ones are sold out. I got the last pair from Södermalms Weekday and didn't see them in any other store, but maybe they will restock or something. I think these shoes arrived some time ago to Weekday stores.

  3. there was practically a pile of the suede ones in the store of drottninggatan last week at least..and oh yes, they cost 55 euros! i got myself a similar pair at monki that cost only 50 euros...both are bargains though!


  4. Ria, I KNOW!! I was gonna write it on the post as well--I'm not so keen on the clothing, just the damn shoes. it's weird because it's always been the other way around!
    yhyyyy what are we going to do? how are we gonna get the shoes???

    Anonymous, damn! well it doesn't really matter as there are really no trips on the finlandsfärjan in sight for me....and I have no friends living on that side of the pond.

    Krisse, w h o a. I thought they'd be more expensive! ehhhhhhhhh I NEED THEM.

  5. omg Europe has such amazing brands that are ONLY available in Europe and are sooooooooo hard for me to get or buy in Hong Kong!!!! Especially when shipping is sooooooo expensive..sometimes it costs like half the price of the item just to have it shipped over!! crazy!

    anyways awesome blog and thanks for visiting mine!