August 18, 2009

nero non è noioso come dicono

ILOVEAUTUMN.jpg picture by grkid
(leather jacket helmut lang boots chloé dress diana brinks beanie lowie necklace ACB)

I'm looking forward to those chilly autumn mornings when I can wear something similar to the clothes above. whoever said black was dull was utterly wrong. at least for me it brings comfort. it feels familiar.
I've never really liked beanies ever since I got rid of those awful, colorful nightmarish beanies all of us kids used to wear in pre school, and well actually I might have had a wannabe-snowboarder phase at one point too where I bought beanies everywhere I went.... anyway, a chunky black one with a big pom-pom actually seems like a good idea. maybe I should try to make one myself.

tomorrow I'll hit the shops to get a pair of gorgeous sand colored leather gloves! another item on my wanted-for-autumn list ticked off.

++ does anyone have any tips for finding shoes like the chloé jodhpurs in the image? I've searched through zio and rizzo in helsinki but I can't find anything. 
they should be black and definitely made of good quality leather but they should also suit my budget. help!


  1. I saw very similar style at the floor under Manskus Dinsko! By Nilson I guess, check it out.

  2. indie, oh wow, I'll go in tomorrow and see that for myself! I found a perfect pair at rizzo but it was 160 euros and I don't know if I want to pay that much...

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