August 24, 2009

crab claws and bottles of rum

femmefatale.jpg picture by grkid
blazer acne tank top kain lipstick make up store aloha leggings helmut lang boots random clutch alexander mcqueen

ah how I wish I could throw on the above clothes tomorrow morning and take it easy for the day. I'd drag my heavy ass downtown, get a latte and just walk around looking at the things surrounding me.
I feel like I sleepwalk through the most of the year. 

I went to see rasta thomas' rock the ballet with a friend on Saturday and even though for the first half of the show the dancers' clothes were terrible (think tank tops in pastel shades with some sequins thrown in on the guys, black leather, sequins and red jersey on the girl....) and the background video was substandard, I really enjoyed it. 
after the break (and some white wine) half through the show the clothing got better (fedoras, black ties, tight black jeans, white shirts on the guys, pink and black on the girl). 
the times I go to see dance performances are very few, but I guess I need to do it more often. 

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  1. I am totally in love with that Kain tank top... it looks sooo comfy... aHHH! Loving your outfit sets. They're just at the height of luxury...

    Really liking the feel of your blog XD