May 18, 2009

a function that does not function

I've seriously got some issues with self control. 
after the first hot yoga session of my life this morning I managed to take a little 2-hour power nap + clean up + lay on my bed + cook an omelette + make a smoothie with bulgarian yoghurt, orange and kiwifruit + find my m.c.escher book that was lost for a few months + aimlessly walk around the house + cut some photos out of old magazines + a lot more

guess what I didn't do? study maths.... nothing could interest me less. 
I'm going to fail again just because I can't focus on integrals for more than thirty seconds. 

IMG_5594.jpg picture by grkid
IMG_5597.jpg picture by grkid
IMG_5601.jpg picture by grkid
IMG_5602.jpg picture by grkid
IMG_5599.jpg picture by grkid

(all photos from taschen's m.c.escher book, taken by me and my shitty camera)

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