May 6, 2009

j'avais envie de dire bonjour à n'importe qui

Paris was so different from the Paris of my imagination. I never imagined the city to be so big, so exhausting, so diverse, of course it was charming and stunning and stylish as well, just a little too big to be understood and grasped in four short days. like a very charming old gentleman said to me in the airplane on our way back home, it's like eating ten litres of ice cream. too much.

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the whole four days went by fast by just looking and walking around. 
the shops were great, take le bon marché for example. dries van noten, maison martin margiela, marni, stella mccartney, comme des garcons and millions of other great brands and stunning clothes next to each other. unbelievable.

the best moments of the whole trip, however, were the little morning walks to the local boulangerie and fruit shop, the old men smiling and saying bonjour.

we decided to rent out an apartment for the four days as we thought we could play parisians for a while, and it was the best decision we could have made. 
the apartment was on a big boulevard right next to a metro station, all-white, modern, wooden floors and beautiful high ceilings with all the light you can get. it was pretty great, you can probably imagine, having an own temporary home in paris!

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