May 15, 2009

retail therapy

I feel like skipping my biology exam and spending a few hours in town walking in white spaces full of expensive black and grey clothes

(jacket and sandals acne, tee t by alexander wang, skirt stella mccartney, clutch rika)


  1. yeah and fuck those bastards in ytl. hate your eximia.. but i love your blog (happens to be the only one so far). i showed it to my mom too and she was amazed by your sense of style :D and so am i of course but you already know that


  2. I LOVE YOU! haha hating my eximia as well, gonna drown my sorrows in an endless glass of cider or wine or something right now, call me if you'd care to join me!
    ANNND how about you leave your books alone for a minute and enjoy my company and some well-deserved retail therapy tomorrow?

  3. jooo thod. gotta love that dusty place full of treasures