May 17, 2009

pourquoi perché

I'm great at wasting time browsing websites and web shops
especially when I'm actually supposed to study something as unstimulating as maths...

01 & 02 rodebjer 03 & 04 tsumori chisato 05 karen walker
06 helmut lang 07 ligne 6 martin margiela 08 something
(all photos la garconne)

the electric blue rodebjer blazer in the first pic is something I want/need, but I can't find any blazers in helsinki that would match my vision of a perfect one. 
if I still have to look for a long time, the blazer weathers will be over. anyone know where to find a good one within a reasonable price range? 
zara stocks some good ones, but they don't seem to fit me at all.

1 comment:

  1. mullekaan ei jostain syystä zaran bleiserit istu :--( ja sielt viel sais edullisia ja kivan näkösiä, mut ... no can do !