May 12, 2009

pentagons and hexagons

solarium made me really tired, but haha luckily the 3 euro days at UFF were on.
(UFF is a second hand shop and they have this great week where every single item is 4 euros at first, then the next day 3, the next day 2, and then finally everything goes for a euro) I went psycho just because I went alone.
I'm sure I wouldn't have got the things I did get had there been someone with me... the next season coming up is summer but oh no.

IMG_5553.jpg picture by grkid

in addition to this beauty (or beast, however you like) I got a long brown fake fur, an ugly leather skirt that I'll probably make a bag out of and a black jacket. 
as my mom said, not bad for 3 euros each.

yayayay I got the brightest idea today, I'll tell more about it tomorrow!
+++ found the perfect headband with a big bow--I look like minnie mouse wearing it


  1. God! That´s amazing!!

  2. oh the jacket? thank you! I'm passionately loving it, just need to figure out a way to take it in a lot because it's so baggy I look like an 80s hillbilly wearing it...
    my sewing skills aren't quite enough though since the jacket has a lining and all :-sss