May 7, 2009

tre fotografie e qualche parole

IMG_5533-1.jpg picture by grkidIMG_5531.jpg picture by grkidIMG_5529.jpg picture by grkid

01. & 02. the best meal of the otherwise bluntly nourished week
03. yet another necklace I made. I bought an old rusty key from the marché de puces de st ouen in paris but of course I managed to mysteriously lose it. this bottle opener came to rescue.

it's been a great week filled with late mornings and fruit breakfasts and the little light green birch leaves just outside my window and kumman kaa games on people walking on the street and watching mammoth, the great movie by the great swedish lukas moodysson with michelle and gael. gael wore a black comme des garcons shirt with the red heart embroidered on it. 

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