July 13, 2009

if there's any other way I'll do anything for you

tsumorietc01.jpg picture by grkid
tee tsumori chisato scarf all saints shorts alberto biani shoes acne bra stella mccartney sunnies karen walker

I feel like quitting my job right now and spending endless, sunny days free from worries 
or any responsabilities before having to sharpen up for school again. 
I want to lie in other people's backyards in the middle of the night and laugh my ass off.
I want to get drunk in the morning and keep drinking for a few days. 
I want to be impulsive and naive and annoying.


  1. Lord how pretty tee, I adore tsumori!

    My summer has been soo lame. All the activities starts at the end of the month... Then it´s rush rush rush

  2. I know. although there's no way i wanna quit my job at times i just wish i could leave the desk and run to a park and do whatever. definately not check what time it is for like two weeks.