July 23, 2009

you've done a complete 180

I've been looking for a well-fitting black blazer for everyday use ever since I got the nude colored one in the spring. finally I found one, I'm just not completely sure it's the right model for me--it's not exactly a boxy fit. the back's been taken in just a little bit and it flares out at the hem again. 
I know it's stupid to keep something I'm not 100% sure about. it's just that I really want a black blazer for the autumn and what are the chances of getting an even better one for the same price?? 
haha the hard parts of being a materialist like myself....
 IMG_5944.jpg picture by grkid
EDIT// I was also thinking about maybe adding some studs on the lapels--then again the stripes are most definitely a problem. stripes and studs, wouldn't call that a perfect ensemble. what do you say?

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  1. you're right with stripes and studs i think, when all in the same package. i think i'd just go for massive neckpieces or place some tiny chains there - kind of like that rumi's jacket. i think the jacket looks nice (love the pockets) but it's all about how you feel inside it..