July 9, 2009


enough with the olsen twins. let me introduce to you another pair of siblings just as stylish.
they're girls who stay faithful to their styles and know what suits them best.
they're girls whose personal styles never die or fade.

the younger sister is a fiery little thing, 
shorter than all of her friends but filled with energy and passion.
her style corresponds with her character; flaming red hair always in a bun, 
red dress and black combat boots paired with a little baby pink bow to bring in some femininity.
the older sister is a little more classic and composed both in her style and character. 
she often wears a baby pink dress with a pleated collar with some bright red rubber boots and, not unlike her sister, wears her hair in a little topknot.

the sisters are called little my and mymble.
 you might recognize them from the animated moomin series.

MUUMIT001muumilaaksonkevt01.jpg picture by grkidMUUMIT017taikasiemenivaltamerest1.jpg picture by grkidMUUMITkultakala1.jpg picture by grkidMUUMIT006pikkuruisetvieraat2.jpg picture by grkidmuumit006pikkuruisetvieraat1.jpg picture by grkid
I seriously think little my might be my very own number one it girl in the world.

ps finns, did you know that mörkö is a she?? wikipedia says so.
photos are screenshots from the moomin episodes spring in moominvalley/moominvalley's jungle/rare goldfish/small, small visitor


  1. haha no, i did not know that mörkö is a she :D i've always thought of mörkö as a he :D:D

  2. Mörkö is a female ?! That´s brand new information. Like when I realized that Lassie is a girl...

    I have very stylish little My costume in my wardrobe. That was something I couldn´t throw away :)

  3. I KNOW, mörkö can't possibly be a she!!! seriously. females don't make a noise like that. I can't believe I used to be scared of a she when I was a kid...

    and ria, does the little my costume still fit you? wear it to a dressup!

  4. Hahaa, you haven´t heard me talking :=)

    Surprisingly it still fits! Dressup is a good idea !!