July 6, 2009

a girl can dream

IMG_5885-1.jpg picture by grkid

from now on
I want to only purchase clothes that make me happy.
I don't want to buy a piece of clothing just because it's something that suits other people.
I only want to buy things that suit me and who I am. 
I want to buy things I can use for a longer span of time. things of good quality, of a high standard. none of those ugly jersey creations that last for about three spins of the washing machine.
I want to have a closetful of things that make me grin in the mornings, instead of making me depressed and anxious.
I want to have a variety of delightful things to choose from. 
I want to have things that go together. pieces you can't go wrong with.

loose dark dress++dark fedora hat++moderately patterned leggings++black ankle booties
can you go wrong with those??

ps I wanted a dark grey eye liner like the one this ida sjöstedt model is wearing and found a perfect one from make up store yesterday. the only sad thing is that I look like a teenager in a heavy goth-phase wearing it.

+++ please pretend you didn't notice that little area of the sleeve in the drawing that I apparently forgot to colour in.....


  1. That sounds smart to me! I´ve realized the same thing. The more I deliberate the more I appreciate..

    ps, those tights looks like the ones from tsumori chisato , faaab !

  2. yep. I can only imagine how good it feels to have a closet all cleansed and plain only including pieces that you really like...

    haha yeah they were meant to resemble the chisato ones, I feel extra extra bad for not getting them when I saw them at le bon marché in paris. they woulda been pretty great. and I think they were only 60 euros!

  3. cute drawing! and yes i totally agree i'm way into quality pieces now!

  4. Well hey, I have a news for you!


    Chisato tights -60% off, so around 27 euros!! Go to get yours!

  5. WHOA ria, thank youuu!

  6. I actually cleaned out my wardrobe...and it does feel so good. Now if I'd just remember to wash my clothes more often instead of doing something else..