July 2, 2009

materialism at the purest

IMG_5865.jpg picture by grkid
IMG_5856-1.jpg picture by grkidIMG_5866.jpg picture by grkid

so this is what I decided to finally pamper myself with on my birthday. I'd been looking at this won hundred dress at beamhill for ages and now I'm just glad I didn't get it right away-- it was on sale. 
I was also pampered with some gifts from my parents and relatives, but more importantly with the company of my parents. it was actually pretty great. we went to buy some groceries at the old market hall in the city, walked around, bought flowers and books, had ice lattes and finally went home to make some gorgeous risotto with fresh scallops and white wine. 
pretty much the perfect birthday---until I went out that same night and visited some of the most disgusting clubs in helsinki. I rarely have fun going out anymore, I think I just go to the wrong places.

I'm feeling awfully uninspired at the very moment--my room is a mess, so is my life kind of 
+++ it's too hot to throw on anything that even resembles stylish clothing. jenna wrote about this earlier (it's in Finnish, sorry) and it seems I'm not the only one suffering from the lack of appropriate pieces to wear in this freaking heat. the only thing I'm comfortable doing right now is lying out in the backyard in a bikini sipping a cold drink.


  1. Oh lord, that won hundred piece is amazing !! I´m j e a l o u s

  2. h i h i I'm in love with it, haven't worn anything else in the past few days.... go get yourself one!