July 16, 2009

a false piece of mind

_MG_7252.jpg picture by grkid_MG_7332.jpg picture by grkid

draping, grey, boots, leggings, blazers, stripes.
I kind of wish it was autumn already.
now I'm off to work to wear an ugly plaid shirt with cargo pants of a matching colour. vomit.

photos weekday


  1. I am starting to wish for summer already I think...

    work is bad.


  2. yes yes yes, adore draping stuff!

  3. The draping is amazing!

    Love Grace.

    ps. great blog!

  4. stompface, haha! it's weird how I waited for summer as well but right now I hate it, I've just got nothing to wear.

    ria, I love the sweater in the first pic.... ahhh when autumn comes I'll try to fill my closet with pieces like that. so into draped things at the moment.

    grace, thank you!!