July 3, 2009

a 263 euro t-shirt

I don't know what to think about the christopher kane tees that are everywhere right now.
gorillas, baboons, chimps, mandrills, all screaming.
yes, they're cool, but for how long?


  1. Hey, who even cares? It's fashion! I think people should buy what they like, then if you get bored with it put it away. It'll look good again one day. And this is true especially with well designed things.

    But what comes to these tees.. Well I think the neckline is way too small!! Maybe they have some other styles too, but I don't like the fit of those two. But the print is cool.

  2. way too overpriced but so cool.

    yet as for that first dress, i would die for it... (but still i wouldn´t pay that 1000+ euros ;)