July 27, 2009

geometric necklace

IMG_5959.jpg picture by grkidIMG_5961.jpg picture by grkid

shown above is the latest addition to my necklace collection.
I really kind of do collect necklaces. I very rarely wear them though.
this particular one, however, looks stunning paired with plain black clothes and that's why I love it.

I decided to keep that black blazer by the way. too much of a classic to let it go. 
+ I came across the ugliest pleather jacket of all time yesterday and for some reason tried  it on---it looked great. the price was even greater, 15 euros. I gave up the whole idea of adding any extra things on the blazer lapels, but I think this new black pleather jacket just screams for some additional metal pieces. now all I have to do is find some studs of different sizes. I want small and big pyramids and conical studs and dome studs. does anyone know where to get some in Finland? I'll go and check some random goth shops tomorrow.

ps the necklace idea wasn't mine, I saw it on some blog. can't remember how I got there let alone the name of the blog but it was a great one written by a cute girl from hong kong. 
EDIT///it was the lovely Denise whose blog I found this from! check it out, I'm a fan!


  1. kuulemma tetuan asematunnelissa myy erilaisii niittei. recommended!

  2. That´s really pretty!

    Oon alkanut keräilemään kanssa kaulakoruja, mutta en oikein osaa vielä käyttää niitä! That´s weeird!

  3. Really interesting necklace. It's pretty...I think I like it :)

    xx. mavi

  4. petra, oh yeah! kiitos vinkistä, meen huomenna kattoo jos löytyis!

    ria, thankss! haha niinpä, miksi kerätä jotain jota ei osaa käyttää?? ehkä vielä jonain päivänä....

    mavi, thanks. haha I definitely DO like it.

  5. awww so nice!! your version looks smaller than mine and much cuter!! You should explore more with the shapes/pattern..i bet you could come up with some really interesting stuff. Also, thanks for the lovely comment on my blog..really made my day!

  6. denise, I added the link to your blog, hope you don't feel violated as the whole necklace was totally your idea. I'm actually dying to finally get some free time to experiment with the triangular shapes, they're pretty interesting!
    ps my version is shitty---it's broken three times already and is currently attached to clothing with safety pins:-D the glass beads are too heavy for those little jump rings I reckon...